About POSH Graffiti

We are not exactly sure of when the name POSH Graffiti was coined to describe a unique and beautiful hand-carved wooden alphabet created by Emily Readett-Bayley and the team of highly skilled crafts people she was working with in Bali – circa 1992 – but it was obviously the name we used when we launched our e-commerce website in 2006.

Emily continues to work with the same village groups today and over the years there have been variations in the product range offered, but the first alphabet, which was loosely based on an Old English Medieval Font remains a best seller.

There have also been big changes in Bali but much of life in the farming communities inland has remained constant. Here farmers cultivate fast growing albizia trees around their rice fields and wood carving acts as an important secondary industry that compliments the agricultural cycle. At times of uncertainty this sustainable and ethical business model seems even more important than ever.