Chelsea Flower Show Offer

To celebrate the RHS Chelsea Flower Show week Emily Readett-Bayley is offering 30% off the last of her antique teak garden furniture that has been so admired on her stand at Chelsea in the past.

 RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Old teak is a rapidly diminishing resource and each of these unique pieces of furniture, made from particularly large planks and pillars, will not only last for a very long time in your garden they may also become the antiques of the future.

Old teak wood has the highest oil content of all wood and although it fades to a beautiful silver grey out of doors this furniture does not need to be treated with oil or wax. It is also resistant to salt which is why it is used for decking on boats,although, if you have the space to move the furniture under cover when it freezes in winter it is never a bad idea.