Environmentally Friendly

All our handmade designs are handmade from sustainable natural resources by village co-operatives working in Indonesia. We work directly with the villagers and no middle men are involved.

We also keep our packaging as simple and as environmentally friendly as possible.

We use a range of different sized envelopes, postal bags and boxes, allowing us to fit the products into the envelope / postal bag / box that is best suited in size. This helps to reduce waste and do not use additional packaging when it is not necessary.

We use biodegradable loose fill to pack our boxes. Our void fill packaging is 100% biodegradable from renewable sources.

We use biodegradable postal bags when possible. Some orders may arrive with an interior plastic bag/bags, and these as yet are not biodegradable, however we shall be looking to source eco friendly plastic bags for the future.

Our additional paper packaging like tissue paper etc is made from 100% recycled paper.

We use biodegradable plastic ‘document enclosed’ wallets.

We recycle as much as we possible can, so if the box your order is delivered in looks like it’s been used before, that’s probably because it has! We ask you, our customers, to reuse, compost or recycle all the packaging products that you receive from us wherever possible.