Following up the Inaugural Indonesian Organic Food Day in London

Emily met with Julian Wade from the UK Organic Food Federation at their HQ in Swaffham to follow up a discussion they had at the inaugural Indonesian Organic Food Day.

This was organised by The Indonesian Embassy in London and took place in The Marriot Hotel at County Hall, Westminster. The highlight was a talk by Helianti Hilman from Javara Indigenous Indonesia who work with around 50,000 smallholder farmers and foragers across the Indonesian archepelago helping them to strengthen their production capacity, market their organic food and in doing so, preserve the incredible biodiversity of the default organic food they produce. Emily plans to connect with Helianti in Indonesia and introduce some of the farmers she is working with to the Javara training courses and follow up some of the ideas discussed. The Organic Food Federation is keen to help introduce some Indonesian organic food, including cocoa, coffee and coconut products to the ever more sophisticated and health concious British consumer.