43cm Gold Wooden Number 0


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Posh Graffiti Gilded Gold Wooden Number 0

  • Hand carved from light weight wood
  • Hand gilded using gold metallic leaf
  • Height: 43cm

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In stock

Name: The Original POSH Graffiti Old English 43cm Gold Wooden Number 0.

Albizia wood, or Peacocks Plume, is a sustainable light weight wood making it ideal for our wooden numbers. The carvers use this wood rather than MDF which produces dangerous carcinogenic dust when cut. The consequence is that quality not quantity is the emphasis.

Made by woodcarvers from the same village rice farming community in Bali for over 20 years. The farmers use this important secondary business to sustain their agriculture and cultivate fast growing albizia trees around their rice fields to provide the wood.

43cm Gold Wooden Number 0 is carefully cut out from a template before being shaped by hand with a sharp knife. The number is then sanded down and then coated with a fine layer of gesso plaster before being gilded by hand with gold metallic leaf.

Gold metallic leaf

Emily Readett-Bayley

Emily Readett-Bayley Ltd

Finally, each 43cm Gold Wooden Number 0 is then packed by the carver in it’s special box and shipped directly to the UK and posted to the customer in the same box to avoid wasteful double packing.

By using our Graffiti Wall to you can get an idea of size and scale by positioning a 43cm Gold Wooden Number 0 and our other typography on an imaginary wall – Visit the Posh Graffiti Wall.

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